Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taking a Break for the Summer

I want to thank you, my dedicated followers and frequent readers, for your presence and time to read my blog.

I had come to the conclusion a while back that my blog isn't what a lot of people are interested in following. There are a LOT, and a LOT MORE, food blogs and I'm not "in the game" here. I didn't want to close this blog if there was a chance so I've given it a few more months.

I also am having a major time crunch and just not getting things done that I need to do. I have gotten much busier here with the farm, taking care of hubby, and trying to do the charity work I so want to do.

I've come to conclusion that I may as well close OR just take the Summer off from this blog. Now really is the time... So I'm going to give it some more time and work on either a new strategy here or come back in the Fall and say good bye.

So, THANK YOU for stopping in here from the bottom of my heart and I wish you many blessings! I'd love to see you all enjoy your Summer too and maybe come back and see what is what in the Fall. Peace be with you!

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